About Jack Attackk Clothing

Jack Attackk Clothing is a small clothing line based in Lowell, MA. We cater to the woman who wants to add some edge to her life. From the girly girl who likes just a touch of punk to the edgy chick who likes a little bit of femme in her look, we have a piece for you. We dress our client for any event; wether you want a new T-shirt to compliment your jeans and sneakers (or Doc Martins or studded combat boots if you’re anything like me), or you need a stand out gown for your next formal event and don’t want to look like everyone else. Start building your new wardrobe with us today.

To see what we have going on in real time, check out our “contact us” page for all of our social media handles and links to those pages. We’re constantly posting updates of what’s going on in our studio, behind the scenes of fashion shows and photo shoots, and teasers of upcoming collections. You can also check out our blog to stay up to date on what we’re up to in this big, crazy, beautiful world of fashion and rock n’ roll.

And now for the story of how we got started (from this point I’ll be writing in the 1st person, mostly because we’ve been a one woman business for so long; so bear with me):

The short version is: I didn’t like anything in stores so I started making my own clothes, fell in love with it, and started making them for other people, who thankfully also loved what I was doing. If you’re curious (and I hope you are), you can keep reading for a more in depth bio.


The long version is: This crazy adventure technically started back in 2006, when I was an artsy weirdo freshmen in high school. It starts the same way that most artists’ stories do. I could go on about how I didn’t fit in and I needed to find my niche and blah blah blah, but I’m sure you don’t want to hear about all of that. Anyway, I couldn’t find clothes that I wanted to wear, so I started to cut up my old t-shirts and sew them together into pieces that I thought showed the world who I was. I never considered a career in fashion until my friends started asking where I got my clothes because they wanted them. That was my lightbulb moment.

Here’s a photo of nerdy high school Jacki for your viewing pleasure (yes I am painfully aware of how terrible that outfit is):

high school jacki

I studied art in high school at a technical school, and when I was a junior I finally decided once and for all that I was going to be a designer and that I would attend college for a BFA in Fashion Design. While I attended MassArt, I fought for recognition as a “ready-to-wear” designer among a group of avant-garde designers. I started Jack Attackk Clothing out of my basement while I was still in school, creating one of a kind pieces for clients to help pay for my degree. I had also started making collections for Finding Hope with Fashion, a fundraising group that would put on a fashion show for a different charity every year. Through selling those samples and making all of these custom pieces I built my clientele base and found my target customer (which is hopefully you).

Once I graduated (with departmental honors despite my butting heads with most of the faculty for the duration of the program; three cheers for being stubborn and determined), I opened my studio in Western Avenue Studios. Western Ave is a stellar place to work; we’ve just found out we’re the largest artist’s community in the country, and I LOVE being surrounded by so many talented and creative minds.

Again for your viewing pleasure, a photo from my studio opening featuring one of my friends and a hugely influential supporter of my work, Emily O’Brien. You should check out her amazing photography over in our gallery or on her website.

studio opening

I decided to name my brand Jack Attackk Clothing because it was my childhood nickname given to me by my best friend. I thought it was catchy and it would be remembered well. The extra “k”, which is not a misspelling, was added for a few reasons. Firstly, it gives Jack Attackk 11 letters, which is my lucky number. Secondly, as a designer I like how the double k’s mirror the double t’s; it looks nicer in a logo. Thirdly, it helps the name stand out from anyone else who decides “jack attack” is a cool nickname.

Since opening my studio, Jack Attackk Clothing has grown rapidly and we’ve had the pleasure of showing in Boston Fashion Week for the first time as an independent designer, opening for the insanely talented Ashley Rose Couture. We’ve also become a RAW Artist, and have been published in a number of magazines.

Now we’re looking to begin manufacturing to make Jack Attackk Clothing available in boutiques throughout Massachusetts. We’re stoked to see where this crazy and amazing adventure takes us, and we hope you’ll be along for the ride!

Thanks for reading!