Products and Services

At Jack Attackk Clothing, we have a wide range of products and services to help you rock your look. You can choose from our range of products in store and online. For a casual look you can try pieces like our t-shirts and widow’s peak skirts. For anything from casual to formal, you can shop our fashion show samples and snag a look straight off the runway. If you’re looking for something specific, you can commission a custom piece to really make your wardrobe your own.


Jack Attackk Clothing signature pieces:


At our studio in Western Ave, we carry a line of signature styles that we’re always expanding. There are our 3 t-shirt options and our classic “widow’s peak skirt”; a flared skirt with our signature pointed waistband. We come out with new color and pattern options for the skirt throughout the year. We’re also debuting a two-toned raglan shirt just in time for winter.


Fashion Show Samples:


We’ve been featured in over 15 fashion shows including Boston Fashion Week. We have a huge selection¬†of fashion show samples in a wide variety of sizes. These samples range from casual skirts, tops, and dresses, to elaborate gowns and everything in between. You can gain a one of a kind piece for an event or every day by shopping our samples in our studio or online at our Etsy.


Custom Jack Attackk Clothing Pieces


From casual cotton dresses to gowns for prom, galas, and military balls, we’ve given dozens of clients the opportunity to stand out from the crowd in their one of a kind piece. You are part of the process from beginning to end. During a consultation, you sit down with us and help design your piece. Throughout the process, you’ll choose your fabric, attend fittings, and come out with a piece that is custom made for you and your body. To set up a consultation today, email us at